Fuels Compatibility Statement

This statement applies to all makes and models of steel tanks manufactured in any time period, including all:

All steel tanks are compatible with all blends of fuels meeting ASTM standards. Ethanol blends from E10 to E100 and blends of biodiesel from B2 to B100 can be stored in steel tanks. Recent work has been performed to assess the viability of fuel blends using Isobutanol.

As part of the research, it was necessary to test the compatibility of Isobutanol with infrastructure materials. The results show that fuel blended with concentrations up to and including 24% Isobutanol is compatible with steel.

Testing has been done proving compatibility of steel with renewable fuels by several sources including Oak Ridge National Lab sponsored by DOE in collaboration with UL and NREL, SwRI, DNV, and STI (through Battelle). Test reports and other information on biofuels is available at www.steeltank.com/alternate-fuels.

As always, if switching products, the storage tank system should be properly cleaned. See STI Recommended Practice, R111 “Storage Tank Maintenance”, for further information.

If you have any questions about our products or about this statement, please contact STI/SPFA at 847-438-8265.

Last updated: June 1, 2018

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