Field Erected
Storage Tanks

Tanks can be designed to hold from 50,000 to several million gallons, are provided with foundations, and often finished with elaborate painted graphics and color schemes. Tanks may incorporate cathodic protection and piping. Some water tank designs allow for several floors, office space and other facilities. Private, municipal, and industrial water system engineers and operators specify steel tanks for their reliability, long-term value, and low, predictable normal maintenance.

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Bridge District Water Storage Facility and Park Project

Types of Steel Storage Tanks

When selecting a steel storage tank, a comprehensive evaluation should be made of all the alternate designs available.

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Century Club

The STI/SPFA honors the owners of steel water storage tanks at least 100 years old and still in active

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Field Erected Product Awards

The STI/SPFA Product Awards recognize steel construction product achievements that exemplify the steel tank industry.


STI/SPFA Field Erected Steel Water Storage Tank Seminar

The STI/SPFA Field Erected Steel Water Storage Tank Seminar for consulting engineers, municipality and utility administrators, and water storage tank owners and operators, covers relevant topics related to steel water storage tanks including a review of tank styles, site selection, an overview of applicable AWWA Standards and Manuals of Practices, tank design and construction, inspection, asset management, and more.

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