Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST)

Fireguard tanks


Protected, thermally insulated secondary containment tank.



Fire-tested, double-wall tank.



Double-wall steel tank.


Safe and sturdy support for your backup or emergency power.

Underground Storage Tanks (UST)


Steel/FRP composite tank.

Double‐wall jacketed underground storage tank.

Steel tank with an external urethane coating.


Cathodically protected steel tank.

Gravity Oil Water Separators.

Find a Fabricator

STI Technologies are available from an extensive group of Steel Tank Institute fabricators. Find an STI/SPFA fabricator member for your next shop fabricated tank project. 


STI Shop Fab
Tank Section

Specifications, technical documents, and inspection forms for STI Technologies, for members only.

Fuel Storage System Maintenance

Maintenance of your fuel system can extend its life. Allowing water to accumulate in fuel storage systems can cause fuel degradation and damage the entire storage system.

Aboveground Storage Tank FAQ

Do you have questions about aboveground storage tanks? STI/SPFA has compiled a list of commonly asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, feel free to reach out to STI/SPFA staff

Fuel Compatibility

All steel tanks are compatible with all blends of fuels meeting ASTM standards. Ethanol blends from E10 to E100 and blends of biodiesel from B2 to B100 can be stored in steel tanks. Recent work has been performed to assess the viability of fuel blends using Isobutanol. Members can access STI/SPFA’s fuel compatibility statement to use with customers.

Quality Control Program

Shop Fabricated tank members licensing STI technologies are subject to periodic inspections by STI/SPFA’s Quality Control inspectors. This program ensures the highest quality manufacturing process.