Find a Fabricator

STI/SPFA offers a directory of member companies that can help you Find a fabricator for your next project.

STI Technologies

If you are looking for a specific STI technology, information is available for both aboveground and underground tanks.


Member Products

Shop Fabricated Tanks

Tank standards and specifications are cited in regulation throughout the United States and in demand by customers worldwide. Members build both aboveground and underground tanks.

Field Erected Tanks

Members fabricate steel industrial and water tanks that meet or exceed the requirement of AWWA, NSF, API, and industry standards.

Steel Water Pipe

Welded steel pipe built by members is available in diameters up to 180 inches under either internal or external pressure. Member built steel water pipe meets or exceeds the requirements of ASCE, AWWA, SMPMTAC, and all industry standards for water transmission.

Pressure Vessels

Member pressure vessels meet or exceed the requirements of ASME and all industry standards. They are used by the petrochemical, food, power generation, and hazardous material storage industries.

Steel Facts

STI/SPFA provides facts and figures about the benefits of using steel, researched by industry experts.


Steel Sustainability

Steel is the world’s most recycled material, with more steel recycled in North America each year than paper, aluminum, plastic, and glass combined.