Introduction to Savings4Members

Introduction to Savings4Members

From credit card processing and fuel to office supplies, payroll, and everything in between – every business has operational costs. But could some of them be lower? For the average […]

Tarrant Regional Water District Discussion

KBR Pressure Reduction Station S1X10

For more than 90 years, Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) has provided water to customers across North Texas in an 11-county service area, delivering a reliable, resilient supply of water […]

Coaching: The Management Maximizer

In this presentation, Rachel will share current talent development trends from FMI’s 2022 client survey. She’ll also demonstrate some basic coaching skills that managers can implement immediately to support employee […]

Overview of SPFA Pipe Quality Certification Program

The SPFA Pipe Quality Certification Program is a major accomplishment achieved by many STI/SPFA pipe fabricators and is a requirement in most piping specifications in the United States water transmission […]