Assuring Compatibility

The Steel Tank Institute (STI) licenses several types of tanks, including:

In its Statement of Compatibility, STI asserts that these tanks and “all makes and models of steel tanks manufactured in any time period…are suitable for use with all blends of fuels meeting ASTM standards.”

STI Members Certify Compatibility

In July 2011, EPA issued its Guidance on Compatibility of Underground Storage Tank Systems with Biofuel Blends. The Guidance requires owners and operators of UST systems storing 10%+ ethanol or 20%+ biodiesel blend fuels to:

  • “Use components that are…listed by a nationally-recognized, independent testing…”
  • Or use components “approved by the manufacturer to be compatible with the fuel stored.”

EPA says these manufacturer approvals must be in writing; confirm “an affirmative statement of compatibility” for the range of fuels; and be presented by the manufacturer, not an entity such as the installer or distributor.

STI’s tank manufacturer members have posted their Letters of Compatibility online, where STI’s own Fuel Compatibility Statement is also available.

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