The evidence is all around us: Steel’s consistent performance makes it the dominant material used in our nation’s infrastructure. More than 360,000 carloadings of ethanol were transported in 2009 – in steel tank railcars. In the petroleum and petrochemical industries, pipelines, holding tanks, terminal tanks, and dispensing equipment are all made of steel.

Steel is:

  • Compatible – with all ethanol and biodiesel fuel blends.
  • Impermeable – to fluids of all types.
  • Strong – able to handle stresses from soil loads, wind and seismic activity.
  • Flexible – to adapt to tank designs of virtually unlimited shape and capacity.
  • High in life-cycle value – long-term material strength that’s not time-dependent.
  • Sustainable – more steel is recycled in America each year than paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic combined.

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