Safe and sturdy support for your backup or emergency power

GEN-TANK® Generator Base Tank provides sturdy support for your backup or emergency power generator. The low profile of the GEN‐TANK® design serves as the structural support for the generator mounting, while providing storage for a complete supply of generator diesel fuel.

GEN-TANK® Features

  • Listed by UL as a Special Purpose Tank
  • Protected tank construction listed to UL 2085
  • Fire‐tested construction listed to SwRI 97‐04
  • Primary and secondary tank can be tightness tested on site with standard testing procedures
  • Interstitial space can be monitored for leak detection
  • Primary storage tank and secondary containment compatible with a wide range of fuels and chemicals
  • Impermeable to all petroleum products and vapors
  • Stores diesel fuel for emergency and backup generators
  • Steel construction provides strength and durability
  • Low‐profile rectangular design with sizes up to 103” overall height, up to 186″ in width, and as long as needed up to 60,000 gallons. 
  • Flange type design has external supports with a load bearing capacity of 6,000 lbs per attachment point
  • Protected tank design also available with internal supports that don’t interfere with enclosure cabinets, with a load‐bearing capacity up to 17,500 lbs. per support beam

GEN-TANK® Benefits

  • Steel construction allows for recycling
  • Low cost compartments and customization
  • Built to nationally‐recognized STI standards with strict third‐party quality control inspection program

GEN-TANK® is available from an extensive group of Steel Tank Institute fabricators who participate in the STI Quality Control Program. Under the program, independent quality control inspectors make unannounced visits to STI members, ensuring fabrication to the highest possible standards.

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