The Zone 3D and 4A Improvements Program is a regional solution in response to a study initiated by the City of Phoenix. The study served to determine the best way to supplement water supply at the Union Hills and Lake Pleasant Water Treatment Plants (WTP) which currently source water to North Phoenix. As a result of the study, the City discovered that during possible future Central Arizona Project (CAP) water shortages, both areas served by the WTPs would be affected. As a solution, the proposed developments for the Zone 3D and 4A Improvement Program include several major upgrades to the water system.  The upgrades will allow water to be moved from the 24th Street and Deer Valley WTPs to the upper zones presently served by the Union Hills and Lake Pleasant WTPs.

The program includes the design and construction of four (4) 60 to 80 million gallon per day (MGD) booster pump stations, nearly 12 miles of pipeline, and pressure-reducing valve (PRV) stations that will complement the existing water system. These improvements will help the City provide resiliency and flexibility to service the North Phoenix area.

A 60 MGD booster pump station near the intersection of 32nd Street and Bell Road (4A-B11) had to be build. The project site is located at 16811 N 31st Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85032 on the east side of 31st street, south of Bell Road. The site will primarily pump water originating from the 24th Street WTP through; a 66-inch transmission main from the 24th Street Water Treatment Plant to 31st Street and Bell Road booster pump station.

The main components of the booster station include: A 66-inch and 84-inch suction line connection to Segment 2 pipeline, 72-inch discharge line connection, civil site upgrades, new electrical service and backup generator, instrumentation and control, electrical building, surge tanks, future chemical feed and VFD pumps. The site will primarily convey water to the North, but an alternative pumping scenario in which water will be conveyed from the North to the South is also included.

The Discharge Header was a 81.67 ft long welded steel pipe section of 72″ and 60″ main run with 6 each 30″ 45 degree wye outlets and 1 each 30″ radial outlet. the main run header had a 60″ Baker Coupling and a 72″ x 60″ concentric reducer and a 72″ x 48″ concentric reducer.

Award Name

Pipe Fabrication

Company Name

Sonoran Desert Pipe

Award Year


Product Details

  • Zone 3D and 4A Improvements Remote Facilities Booster Pump Station
  • City of Phoenix Water Services Dept.
  • Phoenix, AZ

Date Completed

November 1, 2022

Construction Standard



60" - 72"

Steel Tonnage Used


Steel Thickness

3/8" - 1/2"

Steel Fitting Type