Precision, Complexity, large scale work and thinking out of the box. These are the cornerstones of this project. While the design of the piping required M-11 calculations, there were unique sets of challenges in addition to that which were overcome with UG-37 and FEA. Buried piping loading not only require typical design but in addition to live loads, extremely high transient crane loading. With high water table and buoyancy in play, our hands were full in satisfying the stringent submittal requirements. Transitioning from buried to above ground, allowing for differential settlement and thrust restraints, the piping system was fabricated considering all potential scenarios. Above ground piping 100% solid epoxy lined piping including 84″ x 84″ Tee and manifold with 84″ x 48″, 84″ x 36″ outlets. The manifold was designed and fabricated with the aid of UG-37 eliminating all crotch plates with wrappers and additional cylinder thickness. Thrust restraining cradles at flow control valves, welded to piping providing compact piping without additional structural fabrication to compensate the thrust. This project exemplifies the strength of steel pipe and fabricated fittings on a global platform.

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Pipe Section Affiliate

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Hallmark Industrial Supply

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  • Capers Ridge Pump Station & Raw Water Intake

Date Completed

March 31, 2021