STI/SPFA has published the SP001 Standard for the Inspection of Aboveground Storage Tanks 7th Edition and SP031 Standard for the Repair of Shop-Fabricated Aboveground Storage Tanks, 6th Edition.

These documents were updated over the last year by a committee of STI/SPFA tank fabricators, federal and state regulators, bulk storage tank owners, tank repair companies, and several other interested parties. STI/SPFA wishes to thank those who participated on the committee and commented during the public comment period.

“The recent release of SP001 and SP031 has considered changes in the industry, and we have also listened to our customers,” commented Sonny Underwood of Mid-South Steel Products, Inc. and Chairman of both the SP001 and SP031 Standards Committees. “This committee is made up of manufacturers, regulators, Federal EPA officials, and end users. That combination of committee members is what makes this product stand out in the industry.”

Highlights of the revised SP001 standard include:

  • The SP001 Tank Record Document should be completed for each tank and at the time of each formal inspection the tank inspector should review the tank record for accuracy and completeness.
  • Initial Service Date definition changed to make clear the date begins the first time product is added to a tank, not when the tank (used or new) is installed at a site. If service date is not known then follow instructions in 5.1 and establish an initial service date. An initial service date must be established.
  • The definitions of Secondary Containment Dike/Berm and Secondary Containment systems were changed to add “within a dike, berm or other engineered secondary containment system (such as a pond, lagoon or catchment basin.”
  • The definition of “Spill Control” was changed to clarify that a jacketed or insulated tank does not constitute a spill control mechanism.
  • The definition of Ultrasonic Testing Scan was changed by adding “ which scans 100% of a designated surface area. The designated surface area can be any size depending on the corrosion damage suspected or found while performing the UTS. A UTS will detect all thinned area due to material loss on the opposite side of the inspection surface using an ultrasonic flaw detector” to definition.
  • The heading for Table 5.5 was changed to add “Welded Steel” to the description to make it clear as to the coverage of the table.
  • The water detection requirements section and the section to address MIC in section 6.10 were updated, this includes an allowance for waste product tanks when the waste material stored can normally contain water provided the tank is emptied from the lowest point at least every 180 days.
  • Section and that addresses testing of portions of the tank that require testing should be tested with scanning methods capable of complete floor coverage has been updated.
  • Monthly and annual checklists were revised, this includes the need to reevaluate the tanks category listing if tank system component which helps the tank system achieve a more beneficial tank inspection cycle is found to potentially be not performing its function properly.
  • Appendix D was updated to reflect that a thermoplastic tank is subject to inspection even if the tank is not being actively heated.

Highlights of the revised SP031 standard include:

  • The scope was changed to allow repair of tanks storing liquids with a specific gravity greater than 1.
  • Instructions were added to protect tank certification labels from damage during repairs.
  • An additional option to add a manway was added to tank.
  • Added a single fillet weld option to attach a new tank floor to a vertical AST shell, this change is consistent with a recent change in UL 142.
  • Offered guidance on the proper tank chime for an inner tank of a vertical double wall tank.
  • Added weld joint option for rectangular tanks.
  • Added clarification that a double bottom tank must include provisions for testing the space between the primary tank floor and the secondary tank floor and for detecting leaks to the interstitial space.

The updated documents are now available for purchase through the STI/SPFA store.

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February 28, 2024

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