Inspection Checklist:

  • This checklist is intended as a model. Locally developed checklists are acceptable as long as they are equivalent and meet all applicable inspection checklist items. Inspections of multiple tanks may be captured on one form as long as the tanks are substantially the same.
  • For equipment not included in this Standard, follow the manufacturer recommended inspection/testing schedules and procedures.
  • The periodic AST Inspection is intended for monitoring the external AST condition and its containment structure. This visual inspection does not require a Certified Inspector. It shall be performed by an owner’s inspector per paragraph 4.1.2 of the standard.
  • Upon discovery of water in the primary tank, secondary containment area, interstice, or spill container, remove promptly or take other corrective action. Inspect the liquid for regulated products or other contaminants and dispose of properly.
  • * designates an item in a non-conformance status. This indicates that action is required to address a problem. Note that some non-conforming items important to tank or containment integrity require evaluation by an engineer experienced in AST design, a Certified Inspector, or a tank manufacturer who will determine the corrective action. Note the non-conformance and corresponding corrective action in the comment section.
  • If the inspection finds the integrity of the spill control system and/or the CRDM, such as items 13 and 14, is compromised the tank category and inspection time table should be re-evaluated by someone knowledgeable about the SP001 standard.
  • Retain the completed checklists for at least 36 months.
  • After severe weather (snow, ice, wind storms) or maintenance (such as coating) that could affect the operation of critical components (normal and emergency vents, valves), an inspection of these components is required as soon as the equipment is safely accessible after the event.

Please note: this checklist is to be used in conjunction with the SP001 Standard for the Inspection of Aboveground Storage Tanks and the utilization of the checklist alone does not constitute compliance with STI SP001.

Published Date

February 13, 2024

Revision Date

February 13, 2024



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  • Standard


  • SP001