Noteworthy advancements have been made in the Twentieth Century in the fabrication of steel pipe. This is particularly true of pipe

manufactured by the automatic welding processes. This pipe possesses many desirable qualities, including the seven chief requisites of any good conduit- durability, strength, economy, high carrying capacity, reliability, adaptability, and water-tightness.

Over the years, rigid specifications have been developed covering the chemical and tensile requirements of the steel from which the pipe is made. Great strides have been made in the fabrication, inspection, testing, joining, and coating of steel pipe. Welded steel pipe of high quality is available in the widest range of sizes, grades, wall thicknesses and lengths.

Included in this manual is the design criteria for steel pipe up to 180” in diameter, under conditions of internal pressure and external loads most commonly encountered. In addition to the text, useful technical charts and tables are included as well as a comprehensive bibliography. Applications of the principles and data shown should be based on responsible judgment and experience.

Published Date

May 1, 1996

Resource Type

  • Design


  • Steel Water Pipe