Operations and maintenance procedures for water monitoring and removal in fuel storage tanks have been a recommended practice for over thirty years. However, a number of factors have changed over the past few years that have increased the risk for water entry and accumulation in the storage system, and subsequent potential for microbial growth, if water is not removed.

Topics include:

  • Impact of Fuel Contamination
  • How to Monitor Tanks for Water and Contaminants
  • How to Remove Water and Contaminants From Storage Tanks

The Recommended Practice for Storage Tank Maintenance (R111) is intended for use by organizations and/or individuals who are knowledgeable and experienced in tank maintenance. Note that the recommendations included in this standard are minimum recommendations. When applicable federal, state and local laws are more stringent than the requirements of this standard, then those laws and regulations shall apply.

Published Date

March 1, 2016



Resource Type

  • Recommended Practice


  • Maintenance