Terrance K. Resnick, with his identical twin brother, Leon B. Resnick, is a partner in Resnick Succession Group, a nationally recognized business succession, estate planning, and life insurance advisory and implementation planning firm with offices in Kansas City and Harrisburg, Pa.

Resnick Associates has spoken before and worked extensively with a large number of trade Associations and their business owner members individually. Coca-Cola has also had the firm present to their privately owned bottling company owners.

Resnick Associates has written and been interviewed for many articles in business magazines, newspapers, and trade journals on the topics of business succession, estate planning, and proper due diligence and acquisition of life insurance for the privately held business owner. Resnick Associates has been featured in Nation’s Business, as well as in the book, Streetwise Marketing Plan.

Resnick Associates is a co-founder of the Elizabethtown College Family Business Center in Elizabethtown, Pa., one of the largest college based family business centers in the United States.

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