John Luka has worked in the steel water pipe manufacturing industry for over 37 years and as the Chief Engineer for AMERICAN SpiralWeld Pipe since 2000.

John holds a BSME from Colorado School of Mines with a minor in Metallurgy, and is a registered engineer in the states of CO, FL, TX & GA.

He has been a member of the AWWA Steel Water Pipe Manufacturers Technical Advisory Committee since 2000, serving as Chair from 2007-2022, and served as the Chair of AWWA C208 since 2005.

John chaired the Chapter 7 (Fittings Design) update in the 5th ed. of M11.  He also co-authored a paper on Axial Joint Design for Welded Buried Steel Pipe, which is the basis for the guidelines presented in the current AWWA Manual M11.

John is a member of the AWWA Steel Pipe Committee since 2000 and has served as its secretary since 2007.

He has participated on ASCE committees including, the thrust committee, the committee for the creation of ASCE Manual of Practice 119, and the committee for the revision of the ASCE Manual of Practice 79 – Steel Penstocks.

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