Jim Viale, Fisher Tank Company’s Western Region Area Manager, is a veteran of the tank industry with great deal of experience in developing solutions to respond to customer needs.

With a background in business development and sales, as well as project management, Jim has spent years learning what tank owners and operators need from tank contractors in order to conduct their business safely and effectively. Jim has a great deal of experience with the tank industry in the western part of the country, and he has spent years building relationships with professionals in oil and gas storage and processing, as well as other industries, including geothermal energy, Department of Defense work, and commercial aviation.

In his role with Fisher Tank, Jim is responsible for business development in the western U.S., and he oversees the company’s field operations in the region. Jim spends most of his time onsite, working directly with customers to develop and manage tank maintenance and construction solutions that leverage Fisher’s unique capabilities to keep their tanks in service and their operations running smoothly, while meeting their demanding schedules and safety requirements.

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