Fuel Storage System Maintenance

The Importance of Keeping Water Out of Your Storage Tank System

How does water get into your underground storage tank?

All storage tank systems, both underground and aboveground, constructed of any material, and storing nearly any product—gasoline, diesel, residential and commercial heating oils, aviation jet fuel, and others—are susceptible to damage if water is allowed to accumulate. The potential for damage applies not only to the tank, but also to the entire storage system.

Today’s fuels are more susceptible to moisture separation and accumulation. Also, removing lead from gasoline and sulfur from diesel has had the side effect of allowing microbial growth to occur more readily, since lead and sulfur inhibit microbial activity.

Ethanol and biodiesel are important in today’s fueling network. But allowing water to remain in these storage systems can cause fuel separation, fuel degradation, and non-metallic equipment compatibility concerns.

For all these reasons, it’s more important than ever to conduct regular inspection and maintenance of your entire UST or AST fuel storage system.


STI/SPFA has developed two brochures to download. “Protect your tanks, Reduce your downtime, Reduce your risk” with easy to understand text, clear illustrations, and a list of further resources.

Download STI/SPFA’s tank maintenance brochures. Set the paper size to 8.5″ x 14″ (legal size). Uncheck “Fit to Page” and select “Print Two-sided” and fold the printed brochure in half twice (four panels).

Fuel Storage Tank System Maintenance

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