Protecting your Asset – The Cooperation Between Cathodic Protection Systems and Pipeline Coatings

Often the industry asks the question about pipeline design life.  More often than not, the response is “it depends”.  While there are several items under the “it depends” category one that stands out arguably most is cathodic protection.  When is cathodic protection needed? What are the types of cathodic protection available?  How does the cathodic protection system work in conjunction with the pipeline coating?

These questions will be answered by subject matter experts from corrosion protection services, and manufacturers of pipeline coatings and joint coatings.

This 4-hour workshop covers details of active versus passive cathodic protection and the theory of the design, and how the design and function of cathodic protection work in conjunction to protect the pipeline.

Owners, designers, specifiers, and installers of pipelines would benefit from the workshop.

Session Objectives:

  • Fundamentals of Cathodic Protection (CP) Design
  • Relationship between CP design and common pipeline coatings
  • Explain CP design at/through joints and joint coatings
  • Present typical pipeline coatings for buried steel pipelines

Upcoming Dates and Locations

Sunday, July 28, 2024
UESI Pipelines Conference
Calgary, AB, Canada


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