This project is an in-line booster pump station for the City of Phoenix Arizona.

This project consisted of 5200 feet of 60″ x 5/16″ thick wall steel pipe. Buried portion of the pipe was polyurethane coated and cement lined. Above ground piping was primer coated and cement lined. The above ground piping connects to five high service pumps.

The challenging part of this project was avoiding all the buried utilities that were in place at the time of installation.

Award Name

Pipeline Project

Award Year


Product Details

  • Zone 3D / 4A In-Line Booster Pump Station
  • City of Phoenix
  • Phoenix, AZ

Date Completed

December 1, 2022

Construction Standard




Steel Tonnage Used


Steel Thickness

.25" - 1.25"

Steel Fitting Type

Elbow, Wyes, Straight