The San Antonio Water System construction of pump station improvements included a new 55 MGD Booster Pump Station.

The existing Pearsall Jobsite has a new 7.5 MG Ground Storage tank, with a 48″ line connecting from the bottom and coming out into the suction side of the high service pump station. Suction side header has 6 outlets coming out, 1 is the bypass and the other 5 are pump lines. Throughout those 6 lines, we have a combination of flanged joints, flexible couplings, flanged coupling adapters, and customized dismantling joints. At the Surge Tanks we used customized 20″ Dismantling Joints with 6″ outlets coming out of them for a bypass line, with a 6″ Dismantling joint to give the Bypass flexibility.

The Pump Discharge piping required a working pressure of 300 psi with a test pressure of 450 psi.

To accommodate the higher pressures, we used AWWA C207 Class ‘F’ ring flanges along with reinforced outlets. The reinforced outlets were a combination of collar plates, wrapper plates, and crotch plates that were all designed in accordance with AWWA M11 5th Edition.

All flanged connections that extend from above grade to below grade were cathodically protected by utilizing oversized flange bolt holes for insulating gasket kits, with an overcoat of liquid epoxy on the interior cement mortar lining.

We also fabricated custom 316L stainless steel water vortex breakers for the bottom of the tank that can be removed for during tank maintenance.
We had several special connection joints on this project, one flanged joint in particular that connected to an existing flange in the field had a rotation of 0.72 degrees and was tilted of out of plumb by 1″, with a spring line tilt of 1/2″ that we matched up with to make the connection in the field.

The above grade carbon steel piping was liquid epoxy primer coated with a liquid epoxy lining of 16 mils minimum DFT per AWWA C210.
The below grade carbon steel piping was coated with polyurethane at 30 mils minimum DFT per AWWA C222 with a lining of cement mortar per AWWA C205.

All submerged carbon steel piping was coated & lined with liquid epoxy of 16 mils min DFT per AWWA C210.

Award Name

Pipe Fabrication

Company Name

Mid America Pipe Fabricating & Supply, LLC

Award Year


Date Completed

January 9, 2023

Construction Standard

AWWA C200/C205/C207/C208/C210/C213/C218/C219/C220/C222/C226/C228, M11 5th Edition


50 3/4”

Steel Tonnage Used


Steel Thickness


Steel Fitting Type

Bell Spigot/Flanges/FC’S/FCA’S/DMJ’S

Affiliate Companies

CAB Incorporated; Chemline; Commercial Metal Forming; Seal for Life Industries; Tnemec Co., Inc.