A company needed to construct a large ammonia tank in Texas City, Texas, USA for the purpose of exporting ammonia to be used as fertilizer. The general contractor needed a construction company with the experience and expertise to construct this type of tank, so it awarded the turnkey project under a lump sum contract to this construction company. The scope of work included the engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, and testing to API 620 standards of this world’s largest double

wall/double integrity ammonia tank. The construction company also designed and constructed the deeppile foundations for the tank and the stair tower.

Outer tank 219′ Ø x 115′ tall

Inner tank 212′ Ø x 110′ tall

Roof Outer dome roof

Product stored Ammonia

Capacity 70,000 metric tons (approx. 700,000 barrels)

Total tonnage used: 5,000 tons

Steel thickness: 1st shell course thickness is 2.0”

Other divisions of our company provided services as part of this turnkey project including:

-Plate blasting and priming

-Burning, beveling, and rolling of steel plate

-Field applied coating

-Field applied insulation

Due to the large size of this ammonia tank, the engineers paid special attention with the design and construction to ensure integrity of the tank. The project began in October 2020 and completed in December 2022.

Award Name

API 620 Low Pressure Liquid Storage Tank

Company Name

Tarsco, a TF Warren Company

Award Year


Product Details

  • World's Largest Ammonia Tank
  • Ammonia - Gulf Coast Ammonia
  • Texas City, TX

Date Completed

December 1, 2022

Overall Height

115' -0" (Outer Tank)

Column Height

Self-Supported Dom


219' -0" (Outer Tank)



Steel Tonnage Used


Steel Thickness