This 125’6″ tall standpipe was erected to provide water storage for the community of Montrose, CO. The 2.2 million gallon tank addresses the city’s need for water storage and prepares the water system for the community’s continued growth on the western side of the Uncompahgre River. In an article in the Montrose Press, the City Engineer explained how the tank would support the community’s water needs. He said the new water tower will “help stabilize water pressure throughout the city” and further explained that “the tower fills up during lower demand periods, so when demand is high on hotter days, water pressure can stay constant.”

The project presented specific challenges related to the height of the tank and the site conditions. The water system’s water pressure needs demanded a very tall standpipe. The geotechnical information included potential issues with the slope of the site and concerns about soil stability. The geotechnical report also identified possible soil issues related to an existing water tank, and the potential for seismic activity. The tank contractor’s engineer developed an economical foundation design with a 5′ wide x 5′ tall ringwall and a soil bearing load of 8000 psf.

The tank contractor designed and fabricated the standpipe. The design included a knuckle umbrella roof with a roof load of 25 psf. The tank contractor also designed and fabricated thirty anchor bolts, which are 6’8″ tall and 3″ in diameter, spaced 4’10” apart around the base of the standpipe.

The construction schedule was tight, with a completion date just 14 weeks after mobilization. In addition to tank fabrication and erection, the tank contractor provided shop painting and interior piping. The foundation (per the contractor’s design), exterior piping and field painting were provided by others.

This water storage tank fills a very important infrastructure need for the community. The City Engineer explained that “only one water line crosses the Uncompahgre River to the western side of town, so if a disaster struck and the pipe was obliterated, the water tower ensures that people would still have water.” In the event of a water emergency, the new Montrosestandpipe can hold enough water to supply the town for up to four days.

The City Engineer said “We appreciate the capabilities and professionalism of the contracting team for our standpipe construction. It was enjoyable to watch ingenuity in action to construct such a large structure with such precision and the end product is serving our community well.”

Award Name


Company Name

Fisher Tank Company

Award Year


Product Details

  • Sunset Mesa Tank
  • City of Montrose, CO
  • Montrose, CO

Date Completed

July 1, 2022

Construction Standard


Overall Height

130' -5 11/16"

Column Height

125' -6"


46' -0"



Steel Tonnage Used


Steel Thickness

.25" - .75"