First ever NSF Std 61 approved completely waterborne coating system for potable water storage tanks. The interior potable water system is comprised of an innovative waterborne zinc-rich epoxy primer and an inorganic hybrid waterborne epoxy topcoat.

The innovative waterborne epoxy zinc-rich primer for interior, and exterior, steel potable storage tanks is an ultra-low VOC formulation that cures quickly and provides outstanding long-term galvanic corrosion protection. This primer contains 75% Zinc by weight in the dried film and is NSF Std. 61 compliant with 8 grams/litre VOC’s.

The inorganic hybrid water-based epoxy is a unique low odor, low VOC coating which also features a unique/innovative curing technology. This epoxy is easy to apply and offers exceptional durability for the protection of steel in potable water immersion service. It is NSF Std. 61 compliant and conforms to AWWA C210 with only 2 grams/litre VOC’s.

The referenced project is a standpipe owned by the City of Maryville, MO which has been in service for over 2 years. The anniversary inspection performed in May of 2022 indicates excellent corrosion resistance and performance as an interior potable water system.

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  • NSF Std. 61 Approved Completely Waterbourne Coating System