This 60″ manifold was fabricated out of Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel. Duplex 2205 SST did not come in the sizes we needed for the project so we had to roll and fabricate the cylinders ourselves. Our customer required multiple NDT’s including Ferrite Testing, Dye Penetrant, Radiographic, Hydrostatic and Copper Sulfate Testing. We choose a photo of the piece being loaded onto a semi since it really showed how large this piece was.

Award Name

Pipe Fabrication

Company Name

Utility Coatings and Fabrication Inc.

Award Year


Product Details

  • North Davis Sewer District 60" Fabricated Manifold
  • North Davis Sewer
  • Antelope Island, UT

Date Completed

January 1, 2022

Construction Standard

B31.3, ASME, D1.1



Steel Tonnage Used


Steel Thickness


Steel Fitting Type