This tank was under consideration to be built via concrete or welded but the design team performed a Life cycle cost analysis and overall bid the job as a welded steel tank. It was designed to meet the new demands of an ever growing city as well as supplement future demand of additional housing tracks. This asset will be a critical part of their system for decades/ centuries to come.

The tank was designed in accordance with AWWA D-100 section 14 in order to be as cost effective as possible; but due to high seismic load’s and the tank being located just feet away from the San Andres Fault line there were many precautions taken in the design/supply of the reservoir. The tank as a whole weighed more than 1.2 million pounds and was constructed during the santa ana winds. The effects of the high winds were amplified by the fact that it’s located on a mountain range which regularly see’s wind’s in excesses of 60 mph on any given day. Although there were many days which the crew had to work split shifts or submit a weather delay we we’re still able to complete the job on time with a satisfied customer and a safe crew. This was due to the construction sequencing of a welded steel tank and the ability to start / stop as needed in order for the crew to safely follow all applicable safety regulations.

Award Name

Reservoir Tank

Company Name

Paso Robles Tank, Inc.

Award Year


Product Details

  • Mission Hills Reservoir 4606-2
  • Coachella Valley Water District
  • Thousand Palms, CA

Date Completed

March 1, 2022

Construction Standard

AWWA D100-11

Overall Height

40' -0"

Column Height

33' -5 1/4"


186' -0"



Steel Tonnage Used


Steel Thickness

.3125" - .9788"