In 2021 our company built a final cooler vessel for a steel mill in the Midwest that was 84” ID X 39’-11” tangent length made of SA516-70 carbon steel. This vessel was designed to ASME section VIII for +3 PSIG @ 150 degrees F with a .125 corrosion allowance.

This vessel was mostly comprised of 3/8” thick steel and had a unique ½” thick intermediate flat bottom consisting of 4 heavy-duty I-beams welded for additional support. This vessel had a total of (29) nozzles with (5) manways and weighed 61,000 pounds including (6) platforms that were located at each manway and near the top of the vessel. The vessel was lined with Chemline 784 which needed to be heat cured and is used on extremely corrosive services. There was one stainless steel tray bolted halfway up the shell which was installed by our company for packing support and also a stainless steel trough distributor also supplied by our company.

This vessel was engineered in 3D with Inventor software and took four months to fabricate once the material arrived in our fabrication shop. Well done by all involved in fabricating this complex vessel.

Award Name

Pressure Vessel

Company Name

Kennedy Tank & Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Award Year


Product Details

  • Final Cooler Pressure Vessel
  • Cleveland Cliffs
  • Middletown, OH

Date Completed

October 1, 2021

Overall Height

39’ -11”

Column Height

100' - 0"


7’ -0”



Steel Tonnage Used


Steel Thickness