This material was provided for an existing pumping plant upgrade, which consisted of one existing pump and four new pumps. The pipe design on this project was for a field hydrotest of 50# PSIG on the suction side of the pumps, and 278# PSIG on the discharge side.

The steel pipe on this project was fabricated using both straight seam piping made from plate, as well as spiral welded pipe made from coil as the raw material. Pipe fittings such as mitered elbows, saddles and reducers were made per AWWA C208, with reinforcement of the saddles per AWWA C200 / M-11 Guidelines.

Base elbow supports were also furnished at certain locations to carry the weight. Field connections were flanges (both class “e” and class “f”), as well as field welded joints using both bell and spigot, and buttstrap design.

The fabricated pipe was made in sections to fit around numerous structural columns.

The steel pipe was primer coated per AWWA C210 with epoxy for a field finish coat by others and was furnished with a cement mortar lining per AWWA C205.

Award Name

Pipe Fabrication

Company Name

Mid America Pipe Fabricating & Supply, LLC

Award Year


Product Details

  • East Bottoms Pump Station Phase #3
  • Kansas City, MO Water Service Dept.
  • Kansas City, MO

Date Completed

February 1, 2022

Construction Standard



42", 36", 30"

Steel Tonnage Used


Steel Thickness

1/2" & 3/8"

Steel Fitting Type