The 4 Roll Direct Electric-drive Roller 4HEP eDrive, is a new roller that features a powerful Electric-Drive system and these extra features:

* Modern Functional Design Acrylic transparent window for quick visual check of internal components

* Safer smooth frontal design by integrating the hydraulics of the drop end

* LED-based awareness lights for speed and alarm

* No costs or downtime for future upgrades

* Space saving design

* Prepared for interchangeable top roll

* Reduced running costs. Up to 35% more energy efficient by using electrical motors

* Less maintenance (of electric motors)

* Increased Productivity Rotation speed increased to 10m/min

* Simplified maintenance & reliability, Redefined Hardware infrastructure using industrial bus (Can bus Can Open)

* Silent operation Noise reduction, 15db lower than conventional hydraulic machines

Award Name

Affiliate New Product

Company Name

Faccin USA

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Product Details

  • 4 Roll Direct Electric-Drive Roller - Model 4HEP eDrive
  • Visano, Italy

Date Completed

September 30, 2021