These (108) Shop Fabricated Tanks – (16) 8′ dia x 12′ high, (56) 9’-3” dia x 13’ high, (24) 11’-2” dia x 18’ high and (12) 13′ dia x 15’ high stainless-steel dimple jacketed, truncated roof, flat sloping floor – elevated on a stainless steel stand. These tanks were built from the top down using mig and tig welding processes. The dimple jackets on these tanks were spot welded and welded around the perimeter to seal the two pieces together. The dimple jacket is then inflated to create a void for the chilled glycol to flow so the wine could be cooled. The base stainless steel is made from 304ss that has a 2B finish, the dimple jacket is made from 304ss that has a #4 finish and gives it that shinny bright look. These tanks in total hold 945,696 gallons, enough wine to make 397,761 cases of wine or 4,773,132 bottles of wine.

Award Name

Shop-Fabricated Atmospheric Tank

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Product Details

  • (108) Shop Fabricated Tanks - Winery Expansion
  • San Antonio Winery
  • Paso Robles, CA

Date Completed

June 1, 2022

Overall Height

Varied (See Description)

Column Height

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Steel Thickness