The City of Tuscaloosa, Alabama needed additional elevated water storage for the growing demands for the University of Alabama. The tank and associated pumping facility are located just a few hundred yards north of the Bryant-Denny Stadium right in the heart of the university campus. The city took bids on three styles of elevated tanks (single pedestal spheroid, fluted column and composite) but reserved the right to award the project for the tank style that best suited their needs. Basing their decision on the aesthetic appeal of the smooth lines of the single pedestal spheroid tank, the city awarded the project as a single pedestal spheroid tank at a $480,000 (25%) preference over the other tank styles.

The City of Tuscaloosa has 8 all-steel single pedestal elevated water storage tanks in its water system. Two of these tanks have endured direct hits from tornadoes with minimal cosmetic damage. This One-Million-Gallon single pedestal spheroid tank is constructed of 525 tons of carbon steel. The city and its funding agency required that all of the steel materials used in the construction of the tank be produced in the United States per the American Iron and Steel Requirement. The all-steel tank components were fabricated at our fabrication facility in Clive, IA and trucked to the site where the tank was field erected.

The tank sits on a reinforced concrete pile cap foundation supported by 75 driven 12 x 53 Steel H-Piles. The tank is tied to the foundation with 20 – 2 1/4″ anchor bolts on a 2 1/4″ base plate. The bell at the base of the tank is 32′ -10″ dia. and extends 25′ to the

lower knuckle where it transitions to the 15′ diameter support shaft. The shaft rings vary in thickness from 1.75″ to 1.0625″. The spheroidal water storage compartment has an operating head range of 40′. In the field, the notably taller than most 233′-0 tall tank was partially sub-assembled at grade. Using a 450 ton all terrain crane and a temporary erection derrick, these sub-assembled components were lifted into position for fit up and final assembly in the air.

The all-steel tank is protected with the latest in high performance coatings. The base is a zinc rich primer with an aliphatic acrylic polyurethane intermediate coat. The finish is an advanced thermoset solution fluoropolymer noted for its extremely long term gloss and color retention. The finish coat requires minimal maintenance for many years of service and carries a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty. The logo is done in the university approved “Crimson Tide” crimson. The logo itself is the simple, but proudly displays the traditional Alabama University script “A” on four sides.

Award Name

Elevated Tank

Company Name


Award Year


Product Details

  • 1.0 MMG Waterspheroid / Proposal "B" - Elevated Water Storage Tank
  • City of Tuscaloosa
  • Tuscaloosa, AL

Date Completed

December 1, 2022

Construction Standard


Overall Height

233' - 4"

Column Height

136' -0"


74' -8"


1.0 MMG

Steel Tonnage Used


Steel Thickness

1/4" - 2 1/4"