The FACCIN Group is a leading manufacturer of metal forming machines. The group takes pride in its three renowned brands – FACCIN®, BOLDRINI®, and ROUNDO®. Together, they offer an extensive selection of plate rolls, angle rolls, dishing lines, and integrated solutions for rolling, bending, and forming metal sheets, profiles, and heads. The group also provides industry 4.0 ready products, technology-based accessories, and Siemens CNCs to enhance long-term productivity.

Our USA corporate office in Texas is the hub for our operations and has stock-ready machines. Thanks to our team of factory-trained service technicians based in the United States, we are committed to delivering nothing short of professional excellence.

Plate Rolling Equipment and Dishing Lines to Build Pressure Vessel Shells

The FACCIN’s HAV 3-roll variable axis plate rolls are recognised worldwide as the most advanced and powerful model of electronic 3-roll bending rolls. The HAV series combines rolling power and maximum pre-bending precision, assuring high performances in less time. The special variable geometry configuration makes it the preferred choice for medium-heavy and heavy rolling processes for plates with thicknesses up to 12 in.

On the other hand, 4-roll plate bending machines, with linear or planetary guides, are also a perfect rolling solution for the construction of pressure vessel shells. FACCIN’s 4HEL and 4HEP series guarantee greater productivity as they are fast and precise besides being easy to use. They are ideal for mass production, high volumes, repetitive production in an automatic cycle.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of Boldrini® and Faccin® automated dishing presses with manipulators and flanging machines, designed to meet the diverse needs of pressure vessel manufacturers. Our machines have impressive capabilities, with the ability to handle head thicknesses ranging from 14ga to over 3 ¼ in. in cold forming and up to 4 in. in hot forming.