US Chamber’s report on what matters in regulatory reform

Today, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a new report, Taming the Administrative State: Identifying Regulations that Matter, which demystifies the administrative state in easy to read charts that  identify the 140 final agency rules that really matter and which should have received greater attention before being finalized.


The federal government has issued over 190,000 new rules since 1976. One could simply argue the sheer number of regulations as the cause of regulatory chaos, however, as the Chamber has argued repeatedly in the past, not all regulations are bad – this report focuses in on the small number of regulations that impose most of the burden on businesses and truly transform our society.


The report, part of a nine-part series, identifies the need for the passage of the Regulatory Reform Act (RAA) by examining the types of rules needing a more rigorous review of the facts, economics, and science supporting them, so that Congress and agencies are better able to develop a process that will ensure future regulations achieve congressional intent and avoid agency overreach. 


To read the full report—which evaluates agencies final rules over a nine-year time period (2008-2016) — as well as a blog post summarizing the study please visit our website or click here

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