The Tank Builders Scaffold Guidelines have been updated for 2023. This booklet provides a minimum safe erection, use, maintenance, dismantling, inspection, and training of employees in hazards of tank builders scaffolds. While the publication does not replace guidelines already established by federal or state standards, it addresses the unique nature of tank and vessel construction, including special scaffolding procedures for tank and vessel erection and maintenance. These guidelines were developed and are periodically updated by STI/SPFA members to reflect industry practice.

Topics in the booklet include installation procedure, altering and dismantling procedure, general rules for scaffold use, training, and retraining. Each employer is responsible for complying with OSHA guidelines under 29 CFR, 1926.450-1926.454 and as listed in Appendix A in establishing the proper use of scaffolds and elevated work locations for their employees.

“The safety committee did a great good job reviewing and updating the Tank Scaffold Guidelines to reflect the current regulations and industry best practices,” commented Charles Hineman of Fisher Tank, Co-Chair of the STI/SPFA Safety & Health Committee, “This is a great tool to help train not only those who utilize it, but to also help educate customers and owners on this unique and very industry specific scaffolding.”

The updated Tank Builders Scaffold Guidelines are now available for purchase in the STI/SPFA store online. The compact design of the booklet allows for easy storage and reference. Members can purchase the booklet at a discounted price.

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December 19, 2023


Katie Bruce

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