Clay & Bailey Manufacturing Co.

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6401 E. 40TH ST.
United States
Phone: 800-821-6583
Fax: 816-924-3900
Description: Magnesium and zinc internal/external anodes; dielectric bushings, insulating unions, potential meters, test terminal boxes; UL Listed emergency vents and overfill prevention valves; alarms, level gauges, vents, spill containment boxes; gaskets, manways, extensions; manholes, bushings, plugs, fillcaps. Casting capabilities include gray and ductile iron, zinc and aluminum.

Technologies Fabricated / Services Provided:

STI Shop Fabricated Atmospheric Tanks

Suppliers/Affiliates: Suppliers of products, materials and services to the steel fabrication industry.

Fittings / Accessories

Cathodic Protection

Featured Affiliate

Commercial Metal Forming

Commercial Metal Forming is the nation’s leading manufacturer of tank heads and tank accessories. Contact us today to find out why we believe we are ahead of the curve.
“Networking at STI/SPFA meetings has given us new ideas to manufacture our products more efficiently.”

Sonny Underwood
Mid-South Steel Products, Inc.

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