Success Through Reaching Potential

Paul Oliver
STI/SPFA Safety & Health Consultant

There are many different definitions of success. One definition is “success is the fulfillment of potential”. There are many aspects of our life that we want to be successful at- whether that is at home, at work, in our communities, etc. and by using this definition, we can gauge our success in any aspect.

Success and Safety

Our success at work, including working safely individually and as part of a team, is one aspect of success in an individual’s life. Safety is the number one priority for many companies across the world, especially in the United States. The ultimate goal of most companies is to have zero injuries over a year’s time and repeat that success year after year. A company as a whole has the potential to have zero injuries. It can be extremely challenging to do, but the dedication of every individual worker to work safely can make it happen. The goal is not easy, but the potential is there to experience no injuries.

Individual Potential

There are many things we can improve on as individuals to become safer workers. Some of these items include our attitudes, our focus, communication skills., technical skills, patience, understanding, wiliness to speak up, etc.  It is important to be self-aware to understand your strengths and weaknesses and take action to become the best you can be.  Start by asking yourself some of these basic questions: How much pride do I take in my work? Do I work safely every single day? Are there times when I know I am not working to my fullest potential when it comes to safety? Constantly answer these questions and when the answer is not consistent with where you want to be, take action and improve.


Attempting to reach our fullest potential in the different areas of life is one way to work towards success. The safety of everyone at our workplaces depends on each individual wanting to work safely. Reaching your potential as an employee who works safe not only benefits you, but it also benefits every single one of your coworkers as well as the company as a whole.

You can reach Paul with your safety and health questions at or by phone at 832-246-2250.

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