United States Representative Pat Fallon (R-TX 04) had the opportunity to visit the AMERICAN SpiralWeld facility in Paris, Texas on September 6th. The visit included a tour of the facility, operations, and how products are made for various markets.

The visit gave AMERICAN SpiralWeld the opportunity to share information about the facilities 2021 creation, and jobs that resulted from both the construction and ongoing operation of the facility.

In addition, Representative Fallon was able to walk through the facility to better understand how these highly sustainable steel products are made and used in the country’s infrastructure. The Paris, Texas facility participates in the SPFA Certified Pipe Program and undergoes regular review to maintain process and products of the highest quality.

Learn more about AMERICAN SpiralWeld, or STI/SPFA’s advocacy program.

Representative Fallon visits American SpiralWeld Paris, Texas

Representative Fallon visits American SpiralWeld office

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Published Date

September 6, 2023


Katie Bruce

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