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Tank standards and specifications are cited in regulation throughout the United States and in demand by customers worldwide.

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Steel Water Pipe

STI/SPFA members build steel water pipe that meets or exceeds the requirements of ASCE, AWWA, and SWPMTAC standards.

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Field Erected Tanks

Members fabricate steel industrial and water tanks that meet or exceed the requirements of AWWA, NSF, API, and industry standards.

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Pressure Vessels

Member pressure vessels are used by the petrochemical, food, power generation, and hazardous material storage industries.

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STI Tank Technologies

STI/SPFA is recognized for our leading tank technologies with features such as corrosion prevention and fire protection.


The STI SP001 standard provides a means for aboveground storage tank owners to comply with EPA mandates.

Steel Facts and Information

STI/SPFA provides facts and figures about the benefits of using steel, researched by industry

Steel Sustainability

Steel is the world’s most recycled material, with more steel recycled in North America each year than paper, aluminum, plastic, and glass combined.

STI/SPFA Century Club

STI/SPFA’s Century Club honors the owners of field erected steel water storage tanks that are at least 100 years old and still in active service.

STI/SPFA Product Awards

The STI/SPFA Product Awards recognize steel construction product achievements that exemplify the steel tank industry.

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Commercial Metal Forming

Commercial Metal Forming is the nation’s leading manufacturer of tank heads and tank accessories. Contact us today to find out why we believe we are ahead of the curve.


“STI technologies have better industry recognition than any of our individual brands.”

Greg Scalet
Steel Tank & Fabricating Corp.

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