OUST recently released two documents to help stakeholders implement the 2015 federal UST regulations.  Both of these documents are available electronically in PDF and Word formats.

Release Detection Methods For Underground Storage Tanks And Piping: Straight Talk On Tanks is an update to OUST’s 2005 publication. This booklet provides easy-to-understand descriptions of several release detection methods for tanks and piping, as well as explanations of the revised regulatory requirements for release detection.

Requirements For Field-Constructed Tanks And Airport Hydrant Systems summarizes the 2015 federal UST requirements specific to UST systems with field-constructed tanks and airport hydrant fuel distribution systems.  It discusses installation, reporting, spill and overfill prevention, corrosion protection, release detection, walkthrough inspections, compatibility, operator training, repairs, financial responsibility, release response, and closure.  

Other documents, such as Must For USTs, UST System Compatibility With Biofuels, and Operating and Maintaining Underground Storage Tank Systems, to help you implement the 2015 UST regulations are also available on the UST website.

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May 17, 2016


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