Pricing Work: Get it Right or Don’t Take the Job

Damian Lang CEO Malta Dynamics I recently encountered a contractor whom I estimate had to do $4 million worth of work to recover from a $160,000 pricing mistake. Ouch! That may sound impossible, but numbers do not lie. Stick with me and I will show you how this businessman spent


Reshoring and FDI Up 53%, a New Record

Harry Moser, Founder/President, Reshoring Initiative® Reshoring + FDI job announcements in 2022 were at the highest rate ever recorded. 4Q announcements accelerated even more than anticipated due to the Chips and Infrastructure Acts and deglobalization trends. Top takeaways: 364,000 reshoring + FDI jobs announced for 2022, up 53% from 2021’s


Cause and Effect of Business Results

Damian Lang CEO Malta Dynamics “Everything affects everything.” At first, that may sound like something Yogi Berra would have said. But these were actually wise words I heard from a contractor friend. I was explaining to him how some of our companies prospered in 2022, while others performed poorly. That


Save time, streamline operations, and boost business

Ready to see where your business is overspending? That’s what our newest member benefit from Savings4Members makes possible. Savings4Members has locked-in exclusive pricing from national vendors in numerous categories for your operational expenses and a team of Savings Consultants to help you navigate what programs are the best fit for


2022 STI/SPFA Safety Awards Presented During Annual Meeting in Coronado

STI/SPFA announced companies receiving Safety Awards for 2022 during the 2023 Annual Meeting in Coronado, Calif. STI/SPFA recognizes member companies who have exemplary safety records. Congratulations to all 2022 STI/SPFA Safety Award recipients! Awards include the Safety Diamond Club Award, Safety Award of Excellence, and the Safety Award of Achievement. Safety Diamond


Steve Hammoor Joins STI/SPFA Hall of Fame

STI/SPFA announced the latest inductee into the Hall of Fame during the Awards dinner held February 23rd in Coronado, CA. Steve Hammoor becomes the latest industry leader to join the illustrious list. Hammoor started his steel industry career in 1985 in sales at AtecMetals and after eight years moved on


Archived Articles


Archived Articles Archive by Date “STI/SPFA membership has allowed us to promote and sell PERMATANK® in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific.” Supara SinsamudpadungPadungsilpa Engineering Co., Ltd. Learn More

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    “STI/SPFA membership has allowed us to promote and sell PERMATANK® in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific.”

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