Upgrade your field service management workflow with our newest savings program, FieldAware.

FieldAware is a solution of GPS Insight, our most recent partnered vendor, that is designed to be the central hub of your daily operations. It helps expedite tedious processes like scheduling, dispatch, and invoicing to empower your field staff by putting vital project information at their fingertips. Save big on the FieldAware Field Service Hub and gain the next step towards operational efficiency for your business.

Get member-only access to FieldAware’s robust features and capabilities that help your service organization deliver high impact results:

Mobile App

Give your technicians the office at their fingertips and supply them with vital project information, schematics, work orders, and schedules so that they are empowered to do their job to the highest potential.

Schedule & Dispatch Software

Expedite the scheduling using FieldAware’s software. Input their service areas, expertise, and past project information, and our software will automatically optimize the entire team’s schedules at the click of a button. It also sends it to their mobile app in real-time.

Information Management

House all of the information that your field team needs to succeed on FieldAware. Upload photos, documentation, work orders, schematics and so much more a the click of the button. You field team will be able to access all of the info they need to do quality work, quickly.

Increased Transparency

The FieldAware management software is not just for the field teams. Its packed with analytics and reporting capabilities, supplying management with the data and metrics they need to plan for the future of your business.

Learn more about exclusive discounts available to STI/SPFA members on field service management by visiting the Savings4Members page.

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October 17, 2023


Len Bowers

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