The easiest way to lower expenses with your STI/SPFA membership

From credit card processing and fuel to office supplies, payroll, and everything in between – every business has operational costs. But could some of them be lower? For the average business, the answer to that question may come after hours of research. For members like you it’s much easier.

Put your STI/SPFA membership to work for you. By partnering with Savings4Members, we’ve joined hundreds of organizations like us to give businesses like yours two important things: Buying power that goes straight to your bottom line, and a team that helps you handle the details.

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Here’s How it Works:

Access: Go to your STI/SPFA Savings Page to explore opportunities to save from our pre-vetted network of national vendors

Activate: Your Savings Consultant Team will assess your business and activate the best savings opportunities for you

Add it Up: With pre-negotiated discounts in over 20+ categories, the average member saves $14,000 a year. Ready to add-up your savings?


Visit the Savings4Members page to get started

You can also reach your Savings Consultant Team directly by calling 844-346-3746 or emailing

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Published Date

November 22, 2022

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