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Tank Integrity Management Course

Author: STI/SPFA

The Tank Integrity Management Certificate program consists of six modules:

  1. Tank Fabrication
  2. AST Standards
  3. AST Codes and Regulations
  4. Tank Inspections, STI SP001 6th Edition
  5. Tank Integrity Management
  6. Tank Maintenance

Each module is followed by a 10-item test about its content.

The modules and tests must be taken in the order presented.
Your score on each test must be 80% or above.

Each test may be taken up to five times.

You must complete all six modules within 120 hours (5 days) of registration.

Each module is a PDF file.
If you wish to view the module content and test side by side, use your browser to open separate tabs or windows.

Please note that the material is copyrighted and should NOT be shared with others.

If you need assistance, call 224-286-6321 or email

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