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Speaker: STI/SPFA

This course Includes lessons on the following subjects:

  1. Scope – the types of tanks and containers that may be inspected per SP001
  2. Definitions – terms commonly used in the industry as well as unique terms used in SP001
  3. AST fabrication standards – requirements  of UL and API standards, as well as other organizations’ standards for construction of ASTs
  4. Inspection schedule – inspection intervals are based on the tank type and type of installation
  5. Tank testing – basics of pressure testing and UT testing
  6. Codes and regulations – discussion of important codes and regulations relating to AST inspections
  7. AST equipment – discussion of purpose of equipment that must be inspected per SP001
  8. Suitability for Continued Service – after the inspection, what’s next?


A certificate will be emailed within three business days upon successful completion of this course.