The Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials’ (ASTSWMO) UST Task Force has completed its analysis of FY 2014 UST data and is releasing the UST Common Compliance Violations Report – FY 2014.

The ASTSWMO UST Task Force developed this biennial report to serve as a resource to better understand the types of violations issued by UST programs. ASTSWMO solicited information from all 50 States, five Territories and the District of Columbia in an effort to determine which violations were most often encountered during UST compliance inspections and other verification activities. The reports builds on similar studies conducted in FYs 2010 and 2012.

STI/SPFA notes the following of interest:

  • The new requirements for Operator Training have become the #1 focus for state regulatory bodies in assessing owner/operator compliance.
  • Release detection has become the highest equipment functionality/operations non-compliance issue.
  • Corrosion is no longer a primary concern (despite current industry focus on ULSD corrosion).

The FY 2014 dataset represents the responses of 31 States and one local agency, and accounts for nearly 43,000 UST inspections. Here are the top six violations:

  1. Operator Training: 81% of States reporting it in their top eight violations
  2. Release Detection Pressure – Piping at 75%
  3. Release Detection – Tank at 69%
  4. Spill Prevention at 63%
  5. Corrosion Protection at 59%
  6. Financial Responsibility at 53%

Click here for the complete report.

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September 19, 2016



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