The STI/SPFA is a not-for-profit trade association representing the steel fabrication industry. Our members are fabricators of steel shop-fabricated storage tanks, field erected water storage tanks, water pipe and pipelines, pressure vessels and heat exchangers, and specialty fabricated products. Their customers are from the petrochemical, power generation, food, pharmaceutical, fuels, wastewater and water transmission industries.
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Since 1916, the Steel Tank Institute has been a creator of cutting-edge storage tank technology, consulting with government and third-party agencies to advocate for the highest standards. In 2004, the Steel Plate Fabricators Association joined with STI to increase the industry’s strength and impact for fabricators of field erected water storage tanks, steel water pipe, pressure vessels, and specialty steel products.

STI/SPFA is now identified by federal and state government, the broader steel industry, third-party agencies, and consumers as the organization best representing the steel fabrication industry. We are recognized for our leading tank technologies, storied history, active advocacy, and prominent activities and programs.

"Our membership with STI/SPFA provides many areas of value to us. Networking – we’ve made sincere and beneficial connections. Knowledge – we’ve learned about areas and facets of storage that have been very insightful. And connection – as a part of this organization we are indeed connected to what’s happening in the industry."
Doug Sinitiere


Fabricators and suppliers create new relationships and renew old friendships through the STI/SPFA. STI/SPFA meetings offer every member a chance to contribute to and gain from involvement in the organization. Roundtables invite peers to discuss common challenges and solutions in a non-competitive environment.

Customer connections

All members are listed in our Find a Member database – the most-visited section of the STI/SPFA website. Included are your contact information, product lines, and a link to your website. Current and potential customers, specifying engineers, consultants, and others can find you by name, location and/or product/service.


Representation in Washington D.C.

STI/SPFA represents its members on important legislative issues affecting the steel fabrication industry.  Our organization works closely with key departments and members of Congress, advocating for positive legislation for our industry.

Protecting Your Business Environment

On behalf of the steel fabrication industry, our technical staff and many member volunteers participate in agency meetings, regulatory and code development, and related industry conferences each year. These people are looking out for your interests with EPA, OSHA, UL, ULC, NFPA, ASME and other bodies that directly affect you. We also maintain collegial relationships with API, PEI, ASTM, ASCE, NACE, FMA, NISTM, AISI, MSCI and other related organizations. That’s an inestimable value of membership: STI/SPFA represents your interests when you can’t be in the room.

Standards and Quality Control

STI’s UST and AST tank standards and specifications are recognized by customers and regulators as the best in the market. More than 450,000 shop fabricated storage tanks have been built under the STI label. Our Quality Control Program ensures that STI licensed fabricators meet the stringent standards for STI Tank Technologies.


Industry Education

STI/SPFA regularly schedules seminars and other educational opportunities, bringing together industry experts in tank maintenance, field erected water storage, steel water pipe, and similar topics. Speakers from the legal, insurance, risk management, regulatory, and standards arenas bring vital information to each presentations.


STI/SPFA offers a number of live and on demand webinars for steel fabricators and affiliates. Many of these programs are archived on our website for future learning opportunities.

Cathodic Protection and SP001 Certifications

STI/SPFA is the recognized source for training and certification through the SP001 Aboveground Tank System Inspector Training and Cathodic Protection Training courses. Nearly 1,000  individuals are certified through our programs, many of them regulators responsible to state tank oversight agencies. Recognizing that all tanks require ongoing maintenance, STI/SPFA offers an online certificate in Tank Integrity Management.

SPFA Pipe Quality Certification Program

The SPFA Pipe Quality Certification Program is a major accomplishment achieved by many STI/SPFA pipe fabricators and a requirement in most piping specifications in the United States water transmission industry. Pipe system owners and engineers who require SPFA Pipe Quality Certification can be confident that their pipe and fittings will conform to both the defined requirements of AWWA steel pipe standards and the intent of a quality product.


Technical and Market Support

STI tank manufacturers find technical documents and specifications on the members only website pages. All members have access to free assistance from our expert consultants in safety and health, fire codes, regulations, and manufacturing.

Marketing and Promotion

The strength of STI/SPFA’s member support allows us to develop marketing tools to promote steel as the material of choice, many of them available to members to carry the message out to the marketplace. Our staff members exhibit and speak at many industry-related conferences, enhancing the standing and visibility of the steel fabrication industry.

Newsletters and Communication

STI/SPFA publishes newsletters for members on a variety of topics. Subscribe to stay up to date with the latest industry and association news, include details about upcoming events, members only technical information, education programs, and safety and health information.


The Safety & Health Committee provides a strong framework for the entire organization, as it updates the group about current safety issues and upcoming challenges. On behalf of STI/SPFA, representatives from the committee also participate in OSHA rule-making and serve on regulatory committees, such as ANSI, ASME, and ASSE.

Safety Library

Members have exclusive access to STI/SPFA’s Safety Library featuring safety bulletins, personnel incidents, and presentations from STI/SPFA’s Safety & Health Committee.

Safety Product Purchasing Program

The STI/SPFA Safety Product Purchasing Program allows members to purchase safety equipment and supplies for 10-30% savings over traditional purchasing methods. Hundreds of products are available from eye injury prevention to fall protection.

Safety and Health Consultant

STI/SPFA’s Safety and Health Consultant can be contacted by members with questions regarding safety and health in their businesses.

Safety Awards

Since 2003, STI/SPFA has annually recognized the safe performance of members’ fabrication and field operations. Safety Awards are presented annually to acknowledge the highest achievements in the safe performance of companies engaged in shop fabrication, inspection, maintenance and field construction activities.

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“STI/SPFA provides valuable networking opportunities to build relationships within the industry.”

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