Webinar: Use of Safety Factors in the Steel Water Pipe Industry

STI/SPFA presents a new webinar in its continuing series on steel water pipe for the nation’s infrastructure.


Sign up today for this advanced seminar on “Use of Safety Factors in the Steel Water Pipe Industry”. Utility owners and engineers, design engineers and consultants will benefit from the knowledge shared during this two-hour webinar.


Presented by respected industry experts, the program includes: 


 – Important design formulas

 – Safety factors used by steel pipe design engineers of large diameter water pipelines, and the standards in which the formulas are published

 – A review of significant digits and the corresponding effect on safety factors

 – A comparison of water pipe materials relatively new in the industry versus steel pipe

 – Steel production history and quality


As a busy utility owner, utility engineer, design engineer or consultant, you recognize that handling the demands of your workday and dealing with your competition are daily challenges.


That’s why STI/SPFA’s webinars are so valuable, saving you both time and money. Get expert technical knowledge and qualify for CEU credits from CUIRE at the University of Texas–Arlington without leaving your office.  


Click here for information and registration.

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