Wal-Mart Open Call

Wal-Mart Open Call for US products

Sell more U.S. products at the Walmart June 28 Open Call. Walmart has committed, over the ten years ending in 2023, to purchase an incremental $250 billion of U.S. products that are new or that replace imports. 


The Reshoring Initiative aims to bring manufacturing back to the US.The U.S. has made good progress since 2010, with reshoring and FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) announcements of thousands of companies totaling over 300,000 manufacturing jobs. The Walmart commitment alone will create 250,000 to 300,000 manufacturing jobs.


Get a piece of the Wal-Mart action. Read the Walmart Invitation. Use our free online TCO Estimator to help cquantify the hidden costs of off-shoring, so you can determine which products you can reshore profitably.

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SSAB Americas is one of the largest North American producers of quality steel plate and coil, serving industrial markets including energy and transportation.

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