UL terminology – What is a Listing by Report?

What is a UL “Listing by Report”?  UL has multiples types of Listings marks for different types of products and different types of certifications.  Underground storage tanks are Listed, which means the tanks have undergone an investigation to verify they meet the appropriate Standard requirements.  The tanks must then be built in the factory, where UL inspectors conduct unannounced inspections. Underground tanks are either Listed to UL 58, UL 1746 or UL 1316.  The Listing Mark on the tank is the verification that the tank complies with UL’s requirements.

A Listing by Report is similar in that the product is investigated to the appropriate standard requirements.  The major difference is that the product is constructed in the field which means that UL inspectors cannot inspect the product.  Instead, a Report is written and is intended to be given to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for the AHJ to verify that the required materials and procedures were followed.

Two categories related to underground tanks in which UL will conduct a Listing by Report are:

  1. EGAY – Tank Lining System and
  2. EGSY – Tank Upgrade System

EGAY, A tank lining system is directly bonded to the interior of an existing underground storage tank. It’s possible for the tank to be either steel or FRP but must be an existing UL listed tank. This Listing does not apply to new tanks, only existing. A second possibility under this category is a tank bladder system. A bladder does not directly bond to the tank but does provide secondary containment.

EGSG, An upgrade system is diferent in that it has to meet additional requirements than a Lining System. An upgrade system must be directly bonded to the tanks and does provide secondary containment.

Neither of the above categories are considered to be new tanks beause they are applied to existing underground tanks.

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