Tnemec opens 2015 Tank of the Year competition

Entries are now being accepted for Tnemec’s 2015 Tank of the Year competition, announced Doug Hansen, director of sales, Water Tank Market. The deadline for nominating new construction or renovation projects is October 1 and all tank styles are eligible as long as they are completed by that deadline.

“This will be the 10th year that we have recognized the aesthetic, creative and innovative uses of Tnemec coatings on water storage tanks,” Hansen explained. “It’s amazing how the contest has grown during the past decade. It is a well-known contest throughout the water tank industry where fabricators, contractors and owners take pride in being associated with projects that are nominated for Tank of the Year.”

Nominations can be submitted by All electronic nomination forms must be accompanied by a photo or photos of the tank. Once the deadline has passed, photographs of all nominated water tanks will be posted on the contest website where the general public can vote their preference for Tank of the Year.

Once voting is completed and the top 12 tanks are decided by the public, a committee of water tank enthusiasts will judge the 12 finalists based on several criteria including artistic value, significance of the tank to the surrounding community, and challenges encountered during the project. The overall winner of the 2015 Tank of the Year contest will be announced in early November.

“This year, we’ve added a new wrinkle to the competition,” Hansen shared. “For the first time, online voters will have the opportunity to choose their favorite water tanks from two different categories – Classic and Contemporary. Tanks with solid-colors and block letters fall under the Classic designation, while projects featuring varied color schemes, creative logos and designs are classified as Contemporary. Top vote getters in both categories will be recognized.”

Last year’s Tank of the Year winner, a two-million-gallon composite elevated tank in Midland, Texas, falls into the Contemporary category. The tank’s logo features a representation of the Midland skyline with an oil rig for an “L,” and a wind turbine in the background. The image leads perfectly into the city tagline, “Feel the Energy,” written in cursive below it.

“To help keep this tank shining for years to come, an advanced fluoropolymer coating system, featuring Series 700 HydroFlon, was selected to provide the exterior and logo with unprecedented color and gloss retention,” Hansen observed.

The Classic category represents the majority of water tank coating projects, according to Hansen. “Many of the tanks in this category are among the largest elevated tanks in the nation with capacities for up to four million gallons of water or more,” Hansen noted. “Other Classic style tanks have historical significance in their communities and deserve to be recognized.”

In 2014, 235 water tanks were nominated and a total of 14,693 votes were cast during the contest. Other top 12 finalists in public voting included Lebanon, Mo.; Normal, Ill.; Carpentersville, Ill.; Fairborn, Ohio; Kansas City, Mo.; Chatham, Ontario, Canada; Pekin, Ill.; Columbia, S.C.; Plainview, Texas; Mount Prospect, Ill.; and Artesia, N.M.

“The Tnemec Tank of the Year competition has gained popularity in the industry since its inception in 2006,” Hansen added. “From its inception, the competition has grown by 30 percent each year while attracting local and national media attention from television networks and print publications.”

Previous years’ winners include the Rosemont, Ill., pedestal tank in 2006; the Anderson, S.C., hot air balloon tanks in 2007; the Lake Villa, Ill., Providence at Painted Lakes pedestal tank in 2008; the Darree Fields Hydropillar in Dublin, Ohio, in 2009; the Newton, Kan. composite tank in 2010; the Hollywood, Fla., “Turtle” legged tank in 2011; Okaloosa County, Fla., elevated tank in 2012; and the 500,000 gallon elevated tank in Mt. Vernon, Ill., with a wrap-around motif and tagline that reads “Creativity Redefined” in 2013.

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